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7 Reasons Why You Need to Install a Solar Battery

Countless solar projects today now include battery storage systems. Why? Because you are able to store energy that can be used later on, say during a power outage or when rates are the highest. Batteries provide energy security and they also maximize your annual savings with solar. Here’s a deeper look into what backup batteries are and their benefits.

What Are Solar Batteries?

As you already know, a solar array produces energy to power a home’s lighting, appliances, HVAC and more. Oftentimes, a solar system produces more energy than the home needs at the time it’s produced. A solar battery system tied to an array stores the extra energy for later use.. Backup batteries are crucial for supplying power during outages and required for a solar system not connected to the grid.

7 Advantages of Solar Batteries :

1. Energy Security

With a battery, you will have power when the grid goes down, allowing you to continue use of appliances, heat, air conditioning, lighting and more. This gives your home added safety, resilience and comfort.

2. Increase Annual Savings

Instead of allowing solar energy to go back to utility companies (the grid), the battery will receive the energy and will then dispatch it when needed. By minimizing what you send to the grid, you are improving annual savings.

3. No Additional Cost for Backup Power  

When you have solar and battery energy storage there will be no additional  cost to power your home when the grid goes down. As compared to powering up a home generator that might run loudly on propane, natural gas or gasoline. The fuel for the battery is the sun and has no cost to harvest additional energy, however this fuel is only available during half of the day and can be limited depending on the weather. 

4. Qualify for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

When you purchase a battery with a solar system, you can qualify for a 26% tax credit as long as the battery is charged at least 70% by the solar system. You can also qualify for the ITC for your battery purchase if you already have solar and are now integrating the battery system.

5. AC or DC Coupled

Solar batteries work with both AC and DC power. So depending on what system you have or plan to have installed, a battery will work for you. Learn more about AC and DC power.

6. Superior to Natural Gas Generators

Batteries are superior to your everyday gas fueled generator as a back-up power source because batteries use infinite fuel (sun exposure) compared in finite gas. This means you won’t need to pay a natural gas bill and you can improve your carbon footprint at the same time.

7. Future Value

Electric vehicles require ease of charging at all times, including when the power is out. The future value of batteries is quickly increasing as they not only provide electricity to your home, they also power car charging stations at a lower cost than grid generated electricity.

Solar batteries are the future solar energy. Not only do people feel safer in their homes with backup energy, they are also able to save costs and stop sending energy back to the utility companies. 

Are you ready to benefit from a solar battery? MSS provides batteries from Enphase, Tesla, Outback Power Systems and Sol-Ark. Call us today if you’re looking to purchase a battery!

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