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Solar Energy for Agricultural Customers :

We know from experience how to make agriculture solar projects successful. We’ve worked with growers, processors, vineyards, cold storage facilities, packing operations, nurseries, and a wide range of other agriculture businesses. Solar Solutions of America has systemized the way energy is delivered to the agriculture industry throughout the United States.

Experts in USDA REAP Grants & Farm Incentives

Through farm grants, utility-specific incentives, federal tax credits and affordable financing options, the cost of a solar system can be substantially reduced. Our team has in-depth experience working with farm financing partners and your own team to help you maximize your return. Regardless of your farm’s size, large or small, we can accommodate you to ensure you see a positive ROI on your commercial solar investment.

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Using solar photovoltaic in agriculture

Sunlight can also be used to generate electricity using PV solar panels. This is often a cost-friendly approach than conventional methods of providing electricity especially to a remote location where they have a problem in setting up power transmission lines. They have no moving parts and are easier to maintain than diesel fuels.

PV can be applied to a wide range of applications; most important ones include irrigation, refrigeration of agricultural products, milling of grains, electric fencing, poultry lightning etc. Although the application of solar PV system is limited to apparatus with smaller energy inputs, it will help you cut your dependency on electricity.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy for Agriculture

Unreliable supply of electricity is one of the top concerns for many agriculture practitioners, many have even dealt serious loses. If you are thinking about the benefits of applying solar energy, we are noting some (if not all) of them for you. 

A lot cheaper than fossil fuels

On large farms, solar energy harnessed will result in low cost than fossil fuels. The installation will be costly but once you recover the invested amount the energy you used will be free of cost. Additionally, you get subsidies from state and Federal government which will help you to easily pay off the cost of installation.

An effective solution to drought related problem

Every year farmers worry about drought and power cuts occurring with it. With solar energy panels in place, you don’t have to rely on a third party to carry out your farming activities. Solar panels require minimal water and prove very beneficial in areas with water scarcity.

Getting more advanced

Agriculture has sometimes been slow to adopt technological benefits when compared to other sectors. With using solar energy to power agriculture activities, the farming sector proves that they are ready for more technological advancements. With solar energy on the rise, more farmers use solar energy to run their agricultural activities and this will provoke businesses and researchers to provide farmers with more technologically equipped apparatus. 

Solar has also been used in the agricultural sector for some time, providing clean energy for irrigation and crop preservation. In the past, the hefty price tag for solar panels and the expertise needed to operate them kept the technology out of reach for the majority of smallholder farmers.

As a result, the use of solar technology in agriculture is increasing at break neck speed, a trend that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It also means that farmers who have been paying for diesel or electricity provided by utility companies to irrigate crops and water livestock now have access to a green source of energy that, after the initial investment, is virtually free.

So is solar a win-win?

Solar tech in agriculture is a positive advancement, and helping to make it available to small and medium farmers will improve the environmental sustainability of farming. When it comes to solar powered irrigation, moving surface water is a no brainer, where the technology fits the need, all while decreasing pollution.

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