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Top 5 Reasons Solar Is Great For Michigan Home & Business Owners

One question that home and business owners have is that “Is solar good for Michigan?”

And the answer is YES! There are several reasons that solar is a great fit for Michigan.

Here are 5 reasons solar is great for Michigan home and business owners:

1) Return on Investment

Michigan is rated 15th best in the country for residential return on investment due to how high our electricity rates are (average annual increase of 4%-9%). Homeowners that switch to solar save tens of thousands of dollars and don’t have to worry about rising energy costs.

2) Solar Price Drop

The cost of solar has decreased by 40% over the past 5 years. With the decrease in cost and with the many different solar financial programs that are available, it is now easier and affordable to get solar for your home or business.

3) Rebate & Incentives

The major incentive for going solar is the 2020 Federal Tax Credit. Under this credit, 26% of your project costs (including installation) go toward a credit to offset your tax burden when you file with the IRS.

In addition to the federal credit, there are state and local credits in many regions which add even more incentive for going solar.

4) Cold temperatures

There is a common myth that solar panels do not work well during winter months. Contrary to this popular belief, solar panels work better in colder temperatures than hot temperatures. 

Solar panels have an increased energy output in colder temperatures while during the summer months there will be a boost in energy production. This is because the days are longer and have more sun exposure during the summer, not because it is warmer out.

This makes solar a great choice for Michigan’s colder, northern climate!

5) Weather

Did you know Michigan has 51% sun exposure and 71 clear days on average annually?

Michigan is fortunate enough to have all four major weather seasons for us to experience. Rain, snow, hail, heat and cold our solar panels are built to withstand all weather conditions that Michigan faces.

And although our fall and winter months tend to be cloudier and overcast, our solar systems will still reliably generate and produce power.

As long as there is no obstructions to the solar panels such as trees and branches, the suns UV rays will still reach the panels and generate power.

For more information about solar, visit our Solar 101 page or our FAQs.

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